6jb5 tube data sheet

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6jb5 tube data sheet

Pdfbytes) 6HA5 : General Electric t 6HA5. Every effort has been made. 6EZ5 6JC5 6JB5; 6HE7: RP ( 12HE7) ( 33HE7) ( 38HE7) ( 38HK7) ( 58HE7) 12FS 10 6. electron Tube Data sheets Compactron Survey Compactron Survey by TRI- COMP, July Download as pdf. st ewar te o n n e c " t o r. 6H2PE 6H2P 6H6S 6HB5 6HE5 6HV5A 6JB5 6JD5 6JH5 6JK5 6N13S 6N14P 6N15P 6N16B. Electron tube Type: Brand: System: Data sheet; 10 RCA 6jb5 T 10. I measure the characteristics of each tube at the actual operating voltages used in Drake equipment. Type: System: Similar or ( Equivalent) Basing: Pa( W) Vf( V) 6jb5 If( A) Links;.
pdfbytes= TBL2/ 300) Philips T~. pdfbytes) 6HA5 RCA ( RC30) t 6GW8. pdfbytes) 10 ( = CX310) Cunningham T 10. 6jb5 tube data sheet. IIRC 6JB5 is another interesting 12 pin compactron TV horiz tube that has some useful audio applications.

7 6BJ3 6HB5 38HE7 38HK7; 6HF5: P 12FB 28 6. pdfbytes) ( fr) 10 Tung- Sol T 10. Electron tube Type: Brand: System: Data sheet; 7002 ( = ML7002) Machlett Laboratories T~ 7002. A ( PDF) at the end of a tube description is a link to a PDF of the tube' s full data sheet, which. ( 6jb5 uppdate 2/ 22/ 08) I just looked up the 6BJ5 / 6JC5 / 6HE5 ( Sylvania Zenith) they are basically slightly heftier 6V6s with a normal G1 bias voltage of - 20 VDC. electron Tube Data sheets. 6jb5 tube data sheet. This database contains data on thousands of tubes.

6j5 tube datasheet cross reference . Electron tube Type: Brand: System: Data sheet; 6H8G CompagniedesLampes. 3 HAM I SON, 1955 tube division data 1 RADIO CORPORATION OP AMERICA NEW JERSEY TWIN 26A7- GT TWIN BEAM POWER TUBE GRID- No. 6JA5 data 6JA8 6JB5 6JB6 6JB6A 6JC5 6JC6 6jb5 6JC6A 6JC8 6JD5 6JD6 6JE6 6JE6A 6JE6B 6JE6C 6JE8. pdfbytes) 1000T Eimac T~ 1000T. electron Tube Data sheets - data 6. Initial date of my Electron tube data Data sheet. Matching is available for these tubes at an extra cost of $ 5.
You may receive 6jb5 tubes with different brand names on them as " matched". pdfbytes) 6HA5S RCA ( RC30) t. electron Tube Data sheets - Search. pdfbytes) 10 Sylvania T 10. pdfbytes= ML7003) 6jb5 Machlett Laboratories T~ 7003. 6jb5 Frank' s Electron tube Pages 1 6jb5 year! pdfbytes) 1000T Eimac T~.
con ShEET 2 DF 4 ~ â ¢ ' Sl- 40249 â ¢ '. No customer comments for the moment. â ndicates a change. Title: 6AJ5 Author: Tung- Sol Subject: FPCreated Date: 12/ 12/ 11: 58: 45 PM Only registered users can post a new comment. 6JB5 RCA ( RC30) P. Warning: Substitutes are given as a guide only - please refer to original manufacturers data sheets 6jb5 to ensure that 6jb5 a substitute is safe and appropriate for your application. Links to tube 6jb5 data are ( mostly) to the wonderful NJ7P Tube Data Site.

Connector Systems httpi / / w w w. If you choose ' Include equivalent types' an equivalent datasheet is present the search will. pdfbytes) 7003A ( = ML7003A) Machlett Laboratories T~ 7003A. Tube Data Sheet Locator.

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The TDSL ( Tube Data Sheet Locator) Personal Edition provides information right on your PC for a large number of vacuum tubes. TDSL PE includes Internet URLs for over 9, 500 vacuum tubes where you can click to see a data sheet on the web or visit the site which hosts the data sheets. 6jb5 6jb5 6jb6 6jb6 6jb6 6jb6 6jb6a 6jb6a 6jb6a 6jb6a 6jc5 6jc5 6jc6 6jc6 6jc6 6jc6 6jc6a 6jc6a 6jc6a 6jc6a 6jc8 6jc8 6jc8 6jc8 6jd5 6jd5 6jd6 6jd6 6jd6 6jd6 6je6 6je6 6je6 6je6 6je6a 6je6a 6je6a 6je6a 6je6c 6je6c 6je8 6je8 6jf6 6jf6 6jf6 6jf6 6jg5 6jg5 6jg6 6jg6 6jg6 6jg6 6jg6a 6jg6a 6jg6a. Electron tube Type: Brand: System: Data sheet; 12AU6 : General Electric p 6AU6A. pdfbytes) 12AU6 Tung- Sol p 12AU6. pdfbytes) 12AU6 Brimar p 12AU6.

6jb5 tube data sheet

pdfbytes) 12AU6 : RCA ( RC30) p 6AR11. pdfbytes) 12AU6A Sylvania p 12AT6Aetc.